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Central 2

(AKA central spares)
Central 2

Available: Up to 108,00 square feet in 5 bays

C2-A   76 x 186 feet     13,578 sq ft one truck door

C2-B   78 x 670 feet    52,260 sq ft, two cranes, one truck door, interior office

C2-C    120 x 162 feet  19,440 sq ft one crane, one truck door

C2-D    120 x 162 feet  19,440 sq ft, rack storage system

C2-E   76 x 44 feet        3340 sq ft, pallet racking

Construction: Extensively refurbished. Metal beam clad in corrugated metal. Non-insulated.

Roof: Slopped corrugated metal with fiberglass skylights. Good condition.

Floor: Poured concrete.

Ceiling Height: 32 and 37 feet

10 Ton Shaw 120′ Span (#33) bay C2-B
10 Ton Shaw 76′ Span (#34)   bay C2-B
10 Ton Alliance 76′ Span (#38) bay C2-C

Train Rail: to exterior of building.


Other Features:
– Painted white interior
– Racking system
– Exterior lighting
– T1 data connection

Office Space: Adjacent office building contains offices, storage space and bathrooms.

Building Two image

Floor Plan: